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Whats your knex arsenal? Answered

in my knex arsenal i have 4 outstanding weapons. i would mainly use them for a knex war. they are:

(1) asault rifle / primary weapon:  ZKAR v2
(2) sidearm / secondary weapon: Mezak
(3) sniper / sharpshooter: sipriani rifle v2
(4) bazzoka / heavy weapon: Knex heavy cannon v5 handheld

thank you for the people who made these outstanding guns!

now, show me you knex arsenal!



7 years ago



Thank you for helping me decide my other primary and secondary. The Spiriani and the Heavy.

no problem! they are both epic!

Which one gets more range? I'm guessing the heavy because of the ammo, Bear in mind I have a gazillion bands. What would be the approx range for the Heavy?

the heavy goes about 75ft and throung 5-6 carboard sheets and the sniper goes easily 250ft...

BS. The sniper would NOT get 250ft, the ammo is too light and is not aerodynamic. With 7 bands the nar gets 60ft, which is still hard pressed because of the ammo (red rods) which just spins and flips in the air. Unless its finned, the NAR is just strong and powerful, but not rangewise.

k, well i got it that far so dont judge until youve made it...

Hahaha, I did. 60ft. You send me video proof, or admit its BS. Come on, you are just like Selez, he claims his blue rod mag fed shooter got 85 ft, and a yellow rod mag fed 'HINGE' trigger, got 65ft with 4 #64 bands AND no pin guide.

Actually, smaller bullets have the potential to get more range. When they spin out they have less air resistance than longer rods. It's possible to "force" a rod to go farther even while spinning out just by adding more bands and giving it more velocity. It won't improve much but you can always make it go farther by adding more bands. However, I do agree that most K'nexers pull ranges out of their asses.

Yes, that is true, but smaller rods lack the power of larger rods because there is more push, like a load of smaller rods shot at once. The reason you don't build blue rod finned ammo, is because red rod has more force, and the fins stop it from spinning out.

Mine as of now, I still have loads of knex left. I need suggestions on what to add, any help?

Also, try and guess whats in my arsenal so far (Pretty easy but just guess):


jar, zlg, not a rectangle and a killerk pistol? add a ZKAR v2...


Also, I have the ZKARv1 built, I don't want to make the second one, I want to save pieces for others...

Any other ideas? :-P

ok, you could make barraxs ak 47, im making it soon!

It's not the best, you have to mod the mag a lot to make it work.....

true... watch out for my new ball machine soon!

Will you just be putting a slideshow on? Does it use chain?

yep, soon enough, it uses chain...

Dang. I don't have chain :(

If you still have a lot of pieces left, a good idea would be to make the knexsayer on KI.


7 years ago



vvvvvvveeeeeey nice

Yup, but it has changed.

Different guns have been broken and made.

Take apart the connector barrel NAR and make something else.

Which one do you mean the sword? (Furious gladiator long blade) or the rifle (top loading rifle)

Oh, that's a sword. I see now. Very nice arsenal, by the way.

Tr18, D-TAB, MeZak, K.B.S.P (look at my ibles)

^^ i will post pics latur :)

wait! UPDATE! :P Tr18, Br8, Zak's Little Gun, K.B.S.P i removed the MeZak because i have only 5 gray rods, the other 10 lay in a few pieces thanks to a modded sipri v2 grrrr.. so.... :)

K.B.S.P??? cool! sipri iz da best, i got bout 300ft with it straight up!

Knex Basic Slingshot Pistol, I added Basic because people where starting complaining about it... (look at my Ibles...) Whoa! 300 ft.! so not angled? I'm going to build it again in a few days, im on vacation so ive got lots of time to knex! (i brought my knex with me xD)

lol! the vss vintorez iz epic aswell! thes scope is really accurate...