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When Browsing Instructables... Answered

Every so often, when I browse the Ibles Website, I get prompted in a message box to download some antivirus Software. It is obviously not antivitus software, a virus in disguise, so I get out of the message screen as fast as possible. Is this an actual virus on Instructables?


I love that virus, the people who made it were so creative with it. Here is what we tell customers. It is almost our slogan.

Never click anywhere in that box. Instead, Control+Alt+Delete and exit out of iexplore.exe or firefox.exe and install Avast or Kaspersky, they will block it before it gets into your computer Norton and McAfee will want to get rid of it AFTER it is already in your computer. Avast is free. Kaspersky works just as well but it comes with extra features you have to pay for. 

Step 1:install firefox
Step 2:Download adblock plus add on for free
step 3: use the filter subscription easylist(US)
No more ads woot
But i don't think that really answers the question but hey, if you get the add on those wont popup anymore

If the messages are coming from the ads, and the ads are blocked...

(Although one frowns upon revenue being denied to the site.)

Yes, it IS a virus, caused by advertisers loading rouge ads on the site.  Noahw has an official thread for this.

This has happened before - it's linked to an advert, not the actual site.

Whenever you get it, make a note of the adverts you may have rolled over or accidentally clicked on, maybe a screen-shot, and the actual page, maybe the time.

Add all that to the OP of this topic.

The more information you can pass on to the admins, the better.

I would try to note stuff down, but whenever it happens, it automatically redirects my browser immediately so I can't see it.

Are you using firefox? If so, just tell it not to let sites redirect you without your permission. Works for me.

Also, some popup viruses like the one here, even the cancel button is linked to the virus, so just use ctrl+Alt+Del. to quit bu ending task