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When Carbon Fiber Bikes Break Answered

Not 100% sure how the rider fell (all sorts of stories), but when he did crash - this is the result. CF tubes broken in two places and 1 broken collar bone (a not too uncommon injury on bigger accidents). Just thought someone might be interested :)



11 years ago

Holy crap! One of the guys here at work bought a damaged carbon fibre frame. the story behind it was interesting, the previous owner had locked it up, but came back to find just the lock left. The police actually recovered the bike - it had a one inch gap in the top tube where someone had hacksawed out a section to steal it. They guy here repaired it with a fair bit of carbon weave plies, and it looks OK, a bit like a swelling. I wouldn't hold up too much hope for that one though! PS be careful of the shards... they hurt