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When Design Goes Too Far Answered

Here's an image that's been making the rounds today. It's a bed that breaks down into four pieces that can then be interlocked with the floating bookshelves to form some sort of padded wall/bookshelf. It's just a design concept and not meant to be produced (I hope), but even so it's quite a case of a design looking for a problem. A few shelves on the wall will have a lot more storage for books and you can then store a futon or an inflatable mattress underneath. And do you really want your mattress displayed on the wall?


I know all about it.


7 years ago

Actually, I can think of an application. In my 2 bedroom apt, the second bedroom doubles as a children's playroom and guest bedroom. Currently we have a sleeper-couch for guests; which works OK as a playroom couch.

But I can imagine disassembling a guest bed and using for playroom padding, held in place by toy-shelves / bins. Would actually be useful.

However, I suspect I'd do away with the jig-saw tooth design of the two mattresses. Probably not necessary. I'd design the shelves to incorporate holds/stay-fasts for the bed, rather than have the bed incorporate those elements.  Need to also have off-ground support for the mattress.

Pretty rough, but could be useful...

Interesting idea for young kids playroom...

It appears that the shelves are completely self-supporting and independent of the mattress, too. Looks like the only real design here is a mattress with holes in it to fit against the wall. But since the edges of a mattress are the least comfortable part, running an extra edge through the center just seems silly.

It actually creates quite a wide area of discomfort, doesn't it? Sofa beds are bad enough, but this has to be worse.

I think its a matter of taste. While it might not be functional, its unique non the less.

I second that, it does make me appreciate what little taste I have left

I'm glad I don't have to taste it LOL

Looking at both photos, the bed/mattress on the first photo seems too thin and too wide to be the same as the one in the second photo. Piecing the two sides together will result in a single-size (width) bed at most. Plus trying to stand them upright in between the shelve will definitely be difficult due to the weight/material/shape thus they have to be placed in a certain corner to hold them in place (second photo).

So, #1 you unload the "shelves" every time it is beddy by, & #2: as a mattress, that will be more uncomfortable then your average fold out couch bed, I bet.