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When I made a hobo stove it would not light . I let it set for 2 min. :( please help!? Answered


The alcohol needs to be vaporised before it will light this is why in the video he waits for the can/fuel to get hot.

Do you mean you can't get the alcohol to ignite or that once the pan is on top the fuel goes out??

NEVER NEVER NEVER throw inflammables onto a fire or even use them to start a fire. I guess you know this now - you were lucky next time you may not be.

Fire lighters or slightly more expensive solid camping stove fuel work well in this type of burner and don't leak in your ruck sac (don't ask how I know about that one and denatured alcohol. My stuff smelled of Meths for weeks.

Denatured alcohol absorbs water from the air if it is able, this may effect your stove use fresh.

It wont light once ilet it set for a min.

look at some of the other ibles on a hobo stove that might help you

What fuel are you using ?
WHICH "Hobo Stove" design have you used ?


Denatured Alcohol
and just a simple soda can design.

...and a piece of cotton, soaked in your fuel lights just fine ? Just not in the stove ?


yeah, once I make a fire in my back yard and i put some on a fire and it exploded in my face. thank god I did not lose an eye brow

Like this one