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When I was a kid my mom used to have these clay worm thing in her plants to indicate when the plant needed water. Answered

I would try to make them but if I need to buy them that is ok too.


I'm very grateful to Burf. My charity gig is to take care of the twenty or so plants that I (or other tenants) have put around the apartment building that I live in. I'm no green thumb, I just want to try to make our environment a little bit nicer and more homey. I never know exactly when to water the plants and have killed a few over the years. Now I can read their auras a bit better than I used to be able to do but with this information, our plants will be a lot healthier and happier. Thanks!

My solution has been the glass self-watering bulbs. Widely available "as advertised on TV"), reasonably priced ($10 for two), and they basically keep the soil moist so the plant can take what it needs. Refill when the bulb is low or empty. Probably not ideal for all plants, but then again the water worms aren't either.

They're made out of teraccotta, which sucks up water out of the earth and darkens to show when it's wet.


8 years ago

I have them. I had one that was a Scottish 'worm' with a tam o shanter (a kind of tartan beret!) hat-and a tartan scarf. And another that was a ...?

You see,-after a period of time the clay bits like (eyes/hat/etc), drop off! I now have two blind walking stick shapes!

I have to admit I never used them as a water gauge for the plant-just a decoration. It is the moisture I think that causes them to fall apart.

If you make or buy them, the only way they will look good is not to use them in the pot!

I know what you're talking about. I think they are called water worms and I used to see them at the local garden center. Googling water worm gets me nothing remotely like what you are talking about though so I might have the name wrong.