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When building a capacitor bank, is it necessary to have a charging circut? Answered

So, I am going to build a capacitor bank in parallel, only a few regular caps from cameras, how would I go about charging these? Do I have to use the circut or can I just hook the battery to the bank for a bit?



Best Answer 7 years ago

If you use for example camera caps and circuits -- if you use 4 capacitors in parallel you have 4x the storage. If you use 1x charging circuit, it has to do 4x as much work to charge the new cap bank.

The circuit simply steps the 1.5v up to about 350 volts at tiny amps. It then supplies those small amps over time to add up to a larger amount of power.
Again, if you use one charger to multiple cells, you will get the same result, just slower.

If you hook up just a battery to the cap bank, you will get the battery voltage in the bank, but then the caps will have the same potential as the battery and won't charge further.

Presumably, you're building yet another magic gauss rifle... I must have missed it, but did you say you have a 300-500V battery?

You're aware of the difference between a rail gun and a gauss rifle? The folks around here are, for the large part, building variants on the gauss rifle, which is little more than a beefed up solenoid.

Do I have to use the circuit?
People are effectively saying "no, but don't you want HV? so that would be yes"


If you hook the battery to the capacitors, they will charge to the voltage of the battery and stop there.