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When installing a domestic pressure pump how far can the pump be away from the tank it's sourcing the water from? Answered

When you install a pressure pump would it be possible to have the pump 200 meters away from the tank it's sucking from if the pump is lower than the tank by about 1 meter? Thanks in advance




2 years ago

Pumps often do better at pushing than pulling. Many water wells use submersible pumps. They are sized like torpedoes and slide into the casing and go to the bottom of the well. There they PUSH the water up and out. When pushing you have something to do work against. With pulling you are trying to create a vacuum and hoping that the liquid will flow into it. That decreases by distance.

32 feet per pound angle of assent and depth of subersion of the pump.

We use 40 or 50mm PVC pressure pipe when installing a new tank on the farms.
Together with the elevated tank there is always pressure in the pipe going to the pump.
Even if the tank bottom is just 30cm higher than the pump there is positive pressure so no pump needs to suck.
For longer distances we use the black poly pipes - same kind as for domestic house installations, not the stuff for your garden sprinklers.
Longest distance we covered this way was 820m, two tanks joined with shut off valves to one 50mm poly pipe.

It depends mainly on flow rate provided by the sourcing hose. If it can't deliver what you're pulling, you're going to pull nothing, as the hose will collapse or cavitate.

Depends on the pump in question. You'll need to check the data sheet on that pump to figure that out.