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When making a shake flashlight...? Answered

Do I need to hook up a diode in series with the LED?  When a magnet passes through a coil is produces AC.  AC won't light the LED will it?  That's what I need a diode, right?  Thank you!!



Dec 2009 you first asked about a shake charger, and you've asked about shake chargers again in Jan 2010, April 2011, and twice again today.
Has no one given you a good enough answer yet?


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You wasted your time to ask that? I ask when I have questions. That's all you need to know.

http://www.electroniccrafts.org/?n=Main.Shakelight2 !!!

It would be nice, when you ask all these questions, that you vote on the best answers too please.

What has been wrong with the answers you've had ?


I just noticed that if you push best answer then the question is marked as answered. I like to get ALL takes on everything.

Yes, but we will stop answering if you don't press the button after a month or so....


LED stands for light emitting diode therefore it does the rectification itself. To get all of the power from the AC wave you could use a full wave bridge rectifier.

No, see my reply in your other thread. Unless you have many volts, you'll waste too many in the diode.

AC WILL light an LED. Try it.


+1.  After all, an LED is a "light emitting diode"

The only thing you have to worry about (wrt voltage that is) when powering an LED from AC is that the peak voltage must remain lower than the maximum forward and reverse voltages for the LED.