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When to Paint Answered

When and how is the best way to graffiti non- legal areas without the law catching you?


In broad daylight, on the police station's front door....Thats the last place and time police would expect to find graffiti.

no they may expect that...on broad daylight on the police car while its stopped at a traffic light.:P

Reverse graffiti! Clean your message into the soot. So awesome!

I'd say after dark behind a building, but that defeats the purpose of it, though it's good practice. In cities broad daylight is usually alright, just watch for CCTV. Otherwise get your throwie down quick, and if Johnny Law does roll-up, ALWAYS run. always. But, if you stick with it, chances are you'll get pinned eventually.

I have a copy of that book, but I would not say it's really valid anymore. There is still a few however.

. I didn't word that very well. I should have said "some of which should still be valid." It is rather old, isn't it? Still a lot of good ideas about what to do (if you are so inclined), just need to adjust the how to fit today.

. Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman has a lot of info on such things that should still be valid.