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When will someone make an instructable on how to make a good floating arm trebuchet? Answered

Floating arm trebuchet's are such a happy alternative to the run-of-the-mill trebuchet. Construction is not much more complicated, and results are so much better!

I just can't find any plans anywhere on the internet or at book stores.

Who will be the first to make a great instructable on it? I was thinking 4' or 5' would be a good size to start off with.


In about a month and a half i hope to have an instructable ready. What I'm building is technically an F2K, even though it doesn't really matter. The trebuchet was for a school project, and i was testing the optimal beam ratio. The arm is 7 ft, and the highest point is 8 feet (the top of the channels) so it's a bit bigger than the one here. I'm actually still not finished, so we'll see how it ends up. My dad is not convinced that it'll work well. I hope it does.

ok mebbe a bit more than a month...
first good throw was about 210 feet, 3.5:1 beam ratio, 7 ft arm, 40 lbs cw. The trajectory was way too steep, though. And I think the sling length is wrong. After a few small tweaks im hoping for about 350 feet. Even though thats still a bit lame for something taller than 8 feet...

Ok, for anyone who still is looking at this question, the instructable is mostly finished and has been submitted. It's in two contests, so vote if you like it!
I will copy and paste the rough procedures (From my science report) into the instructable by 1:00 tomorrow, then polish it up and add pictures by the end of Tuesday. Now that I'm out of school I have time to actually work on the instructable more.

Ok my instructable is finally up. Almost finished, but just about everything is there. It would also mean a lot to me if you take about 5 seconds to go here and vote for my project: https://www.instructables.com/id/Floating-Arm-Trebuchet-F2K/
It will be completely done by the end of tomorrow, Tuesday.
You guys were looking for floating arm trebuchet plans, and you found them.

Now go vote!
thank you so much

A couple of pictures...
Ya, I know I'm getting too overenthusiastic


. We're all waiting for you to do it. Get busy!

Exactly the one I found. I just wasn't kind enough to post the link.

I found plans on google... it took all of 10 seconds.