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When will the new ipod touch with a camera come out? Will it be better than the last generation (series)? Answered



According to my friend's dad, the new ipod should come out during the july-september period of the year. They are aiming to increase optic performance. Also they are planning to create an update soon so apple users with iphone 3gs and 4, and ipod users 4 gen and ipad users able to use siri on their devices.

Nobody knows but Apple employees, and in general there are good reasons for them not saying. Your guess is as good as anyone's.

Also, what defines "better" -- more powerful processor? longer battery life? better software? better sound? better screen? cheaper? less intrusive DRM? more secure? more profitable? other? Apple will certainly claim that it is better on at least one of these axes. Whether it's better for *you* will depend on which of these you consider important and whether they happen to agree with you.

what i mean from better is overall better. including a high quality camera, screen powerful processor, longer battery cheaper (or same price it doesn't matter I just wnat it not to go up!!!

As others have said: Your guess is as good as ours. Anyone who actually knows about an unannounced product would be in Serious Trouble (as in, could get fired *AND* sued) if they answered this question. You'll have to wait and see what happens and when it happens and if it happens, just like everyone else in the world.


8 years ago

We know as much as you do about it.

As orksecurity says, nobody knows -- 'will the next version be better than the last' -- I can say with relative certainty that its likely. I can also say with relative certainty that you might as well get a good mp3 player though.