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When will the winners be announced for the Hungry Scienctist contest? Answered

Im not being impatient, Im just trying to fiquer out how it all works. Or is there no set date and time?


I'm puzzled... how is a Leyden jar a kitchen hack? Is it because it contains table salt?

The basic jar is from the kitchen so it fits in the kitchen tool hack category.


(If I'd known the criteria were that free, I'd have entered... ah, well, next time)

Dr. D

9 years ago

Did you notice they changed the prizes? The Kitchen Aid used to be the grand prize, and then the pans were second place, followed by the knives for third. Now the grand prize is your choice of either of the above, then second is one paring knife. At least every winner still gets the Hungry Scientist Handbook.

Okay, hallucinating. Suspense is too much for me! Need chocolate . . .

Winners are being finalized. Hopefully, they'll be announced tomorrow.

ive been wondering the same for a while

Well at least im not the only one :)