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Where Did YOU Get YOUR K'NEX? Answered

Instructables K'NEX Community,

The reason that I am posting this forum topic is because I would very much like to buy many more K'NEX pieces at a cheap/reasonable price, and would like to know where YOU got YOUR K'NEX. Please post your answers below. Thanks!,

The Knex Inventor


Sometimes there will be some on Craigslist

One of the main shops people buy stuff from such a furniture, electronics, toys, etc in the UK.

I get them at thrift stores.

I buy mine in bulk from ebay, usually getting individual collections of certain pieces because I rather not pay for a grab bag when I don't really need all that many, say, green connectors in my builds. For the small misc pieces like black Ys I usually order those directly from knex.com because they're actually cheaper there.