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Where Do You 'Escape' To? Answered

Hahah. Like the title says, guys where do you 'escape' to eh? For exaple to evade chores, nagging, or to go contemplate matters or important problems. You know what I mean 'your sanctuary', where you can escape everything else and just 'chillax'. For me i'ts my frontroom. Alone. I don't know but there just something about that room that I can clear my head best. But i'm sure it's different for everyone else. So go on...... ....I'm intrigued.



8 years ago

at first when i saw the title i thought you were talking about getting high but than i read on. i usually go on a walk around the river or to my garage and turn the music really bloody loud so yea sorry for posting on an old thread just felt like getting this out

I just follow the railroad tracks till i feel like stopping, or until I see the train comming (yes I live right next to some tracks, its not as bad as it sounds, i like it)

I go into the woods or nearby fields for a walk. I especially like to go at night when it's cold and clear and the moon is bright.

I go cycling alone a quite forest path.

At school: Bathroom

General Stress- I go fishing/hunting. Moderate stress- I hit the road on my Harley. Serious/Emergency stress- French Quarter, New Orleans!

And, depending on where you are, a visit to the French Quarter would involve a road trip on the bike. Even better...

It's about a 9 hour ride. I hope to make it next spring.

Hope I don't have an emergency anytime soon, looks like I'll need my scuba gear to visit New Orleans!

Outside. Of course for me, when most problems hit, it is the middle of the night and I don't feel like grabbing shoes, so I wind up going on freezing barefoot walks until my head is clear enough. If there is daylight involved, I can be seen shooting aluminum cans with my pellet gun from across the yard. Oddly enough, I also tend to do things off of the "Honey-do" list when pissed off. Taking out the trash, clearing the gutters, mowing the lawn when it doesn't really need it, tree trimming. The general gamut of tasks that I can just lose myself in and work things out. And of course, for major/emergency stress, I generally call a friend, explain why I'm calling, and then just as they're expecting me to break down, launch into stand-up comedy. It's quite odd.

Depends on the problems, I sometimes spend time by Carson's statue after cycling Stormont hill... If it's girl trouble, bar, make more problems... If it's friends troubles probably my roof If it's general rubbish I'll be seen hitting the ole punch bag... If it's anything else I'll probably be out with mates to get my head showered.

Not really, it's my wee bros because he wanted to at one point, I've considered boxing but I'm not suited because despite being almost all muscle I'm very light... Which makes classing messed up...

I escape to Puppytopia where dogs play and cats get eaten and humans have to adore pups everyday the second pic is my dog,not the first


I meditate. Anywhere. Yes people think it's weird.

No, it isn't so weird....my form of sanctuary is normally in the form of an interesting book.....it is hard to distract me once I get involved with reading material I am interested in....like when I first started to read: "Fantastic Electronics: Build you own Negative-ion Generator and other projects" :-)

Negative ion generator... *begins to drool*

I remember when I first got the book....I looked at the schematic for the Ion Generator and noted that there was a missing connection between the 555 timer and the rest of the circuit....contacting them confirmed that it was missed in the final drawing and published incorrectly......this made me REALLY comfortable trying the OTHER projects in the book LOL

My computer / project room, for even it I am working on a project and the wife starts up on the computer, 3 feet away, I am still focused and pretty much out of touch...unless I want it otherwise ;-)


9 years ago

I ride my bicycle somewhere, usually to a park or boat ramp, just to get away from everything. Otherwise I'll hang out with my best friend.

My bedroom with a notebook or outside. I can't really go anywhere around this town so I stay at home but try to get as far away from people as I can, even if it isn't physical separation. Or sometimes I just sleep or pretend to sleep. No one will bother me then.

Either the garage, bedroom or hyde state park/ sangre de christ mountains

play games and turn up the volume max with headphones on till you cant hear your nagging mom anymore :-)