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Where Do You Get Your Rubber Bands Answered

I'm sure you all hate replacing rubber bands, so where do you get yours? Are they strong, weak, or average, and how much do they cost per hundred?


I get mine from the ground, littered by the post men. They are good and strong rubber bands.

city market 60+55 cents weak.

Wal mart ya pile o monkey nuts

office depot 32# and 64# rbs $5.00 per pound.

Paper Plus #65's (They didnt have any #64's) They cost about USD $3.00 per 200 grams

What mepain said. They are by far the best.

They're small, metal, and painful to tread on barefoot. You guessed it... STAPLES!!! A pack of 400 (I think) #64's will set you back about £6, or $12.

I got 500 64's from Staples for $5.

This was about 4 months ago, so I can't remember exactly. It's just about time for some more actually...

We get a fairly steady trickle from our postman - he leaves them on the step.

#1 son bought a rubber band ball just an hour ago as ammunition for his wooden RBG. 1.74GBP from WHSmith, contents: lots.

The bands are about 5cm long, a couple of mm wide, and sting when you get hit (excuse me, I need to exercise some positive discipline with an airzooka).

I got one of them too, but the rip-off merchants charged me £2.40... By the way, there are 240 per ball apparently.

Kiteman! Are you ok? What happened to your face? did you fall down the stairs again? :P

I have simply chosen to post anonymously for a while...

Whenever someone happens to have any spares or I find a nice one laying around.

I buy them at Bartell Drugs


9 years ago

I got like 1,000+ from a local store for 1$, And I get my #64 rubber bands from staples or office max.


when high quality is needed (like replacing in a cd rom drive) - bands from old mechanics like tape decks when normal quality - colored office bands. they are stronger than the normal orange ones. i use the blue / green / grey colors when i want it to live longer - they crack less than red and white (red and white plastics react more to uv in daylight and crack faster) some electrical switches and sockets come with rubber bands wrapped on their mounting clips. its the standard office band usually green or blue. this band is meant to hold the clips when inserted into the wall. its not needed after installation. its not really needed at all - you can hold the clips with your hand