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Where U At? Answered

I know that the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, UK, Australia, and New Zealand are all represented on Instructables. What other countries are represented? Are we in all seven continents? (give or take Antarctica, since only scientists and penguins live there). How many of the states of the USA are here? What's our membership by country? Is our membership only limited to earthbound beings, or do we have any astronauts or other in the ranks? Are all of our members even human? You have answers, post 'em.
Just put something like "Texas, USA, here", or "Gusev Crater, Mars, here".
That way we know where we're at
After that, plot your location on the membership map.


Missouri. USA! USA!

I've established that. Oh well. Go make another map!!

. What do you expect when you reply to a comment that is almost three years old and use way too many exclamations?

You're right. The exclamation thing is what I do.

I am a hater of nothing and no one, except Glocks.



9 years ago

Turkey(the country).

I've been meaning to ask, are you related to The Mule? (And that's one for all our elderly British readers out there in interwebland...)

Sorry, I'm neither elderly nor British, so I guess that disqualifies me...

But wait, you haven't heard the song yet (I can't find a clip with sound)

We love Muffin, Muffin the Mule
Dear old Muffin, playing the fool,

Getting back on topic (where U at?) - what happened to your map of Instructableers' locations?

First of all, there is nothing better than the muffin. (And if there might be, I'll just turn it in to a muffin)

How you could think donuts are better??? I'm going to have to annihilate you for that =P

I can tell you have never consumed a real donut, so I will allow you to slide this one time.

...are you saying that all of those icky donuts that I've eaten... were plastic?

Probobly. But I'm talking about dnuts that are made from the best ingredients known t man, egg yolk for a rich color and taste, potatoe starch for that melt in your mouth consistency, you knw little things that define a real donut, not those cheap @ss ones you buy at a grocery store, but donuts that are, well, donuts.

Well the best donuts I've eaten thus far are probably Krispy Kreme. Plus muffins have to be homemade, because the storebought ones all have sugar as the main ingredient, so they're really nasty.

i agree donuts have too little flavour and are too sugary for their size but muffins are sooo juicy and flavoursome that you cant stop your mouth from watering and eating them all!!!!!!

I'm sorry but I must really disagree,


Maine and Massachusetts may be best in New England, but


texas stinks like poo and it looks like one to

Minor correction to abve comment


It's true, Texas is larger than most European nations.

Be careful. Piss off Alaska and we'll divide the state in half and make Texas the third largest state.

YES!! TEXAS!! Because Texas = cowboys, cowboys=revolvers/shotguns, revolvers/shotguns = awesome, thus Texas = awesome.