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Where are the vacuum balloons? Answered

I am interested in making a vacuum balloon. I have been looking around and I can't find a single vacuum balloon that floated. If anyone has any links, pictures, videos, or suggestions they would be very helpful. The closest I found is this and it collapsed just before it floated.http://s113.photobucket.com/albums/n219/coreview2/?action=view&current=VB03.jpg


You may wish to look at our US patent application 20070001053 (11/517915) (http://www.akhmeteli.org//wp-content/uploads/2011/08/vacuum_balloons_cip.pdf or at http://portal.uspto.gov/external/portal/pair enter the verification code and then 11/517915). We propose an evacuated sandwich spherical shell with two thin face sheets and a light core between them. Finite element analysis confirmed that the structure using commercially available materials (e.g., boron carbide face sheets and aluminum honeycomb core) can be light enough to float in air and strong enough to withstand the atmospheric pressure with decent safety factors for strength, buckling, and intracell buckling.

I did. But it seemed relevant to your question - you asked for information on this issue. I could not know if you had read this info elsewhere.

And it is appreciated. I am very glad you put that on here so that other people can use it and not just me. And you are right you had know way of knowing I had already seen this information. Just when you posted that I realized I had seen the same post before.


5 years ago

Stop and actually think about it for a minute. What is the definition of a balloon?

A balloon is an inflatable flexible bag filled with a gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, or air.

Now, what is the definition of a vacuum?

Vacuum is space that is empty of matter. The word stems from the Latin adjective vacuus for "empty" or "void". An approximation to such vacuum is a region with a gaseous pressure much less than atmospheric pressure.

Now, do you understand the problem?

How fast is a TV broadcast that is sent by local mail service?

Vacuum balloon is just the common way to say it. If you want to get technical about it you can say " Vacuum Airship" which is how Wikipedia says it. I say vacuum balloon because that is how almost the everyone else says it.

Vacuum balloons are strictly hypothetical. They do not work and will not float. In order for something like that to work the material used to hold the vacuum has to be be impossibly light and stronger then steel.