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Where are they now? Answered

Having disappeared for a while myself I've noticed some other familiar users have vanished too.

Does anyone know what happened to these people?

FrenchCrawler since Jul 19, 2006
last comment Jul 31, 2008. 1:30 PM
last instructable Dec 10, 2007
37 instructables
last myspace login Last Login: 07/05/2008

Tetranitrate since Jul 3, 2006
last comment Oct 19, 2008. 12:37 PM
last instructable Jul 25, 2008
44 instructables

AlexTheGreat since May 12, 2006
last comment Oct 16, 2008. 6:03 PM
last instructable Jun 8, 2008
18 instructables

watermelon since Apr 4, 2007
last comment Dec 29, 2008. 4:06PM
last instructable Oct 22, 2008
19 instructables

VIRON since Jun 2, 2006
last comment Aug 18, 2008. 11:34 PM
last instructable Oct 23, 2007
12 instructables

These are five users I've noticed to have gone quiet. that have previously contributed a lot - I make no apologies for missing anyone else.



add kipkay to the list i habvent seen him in at least 3 or 4 monthys and i'm subscribed!

I don't think KipKay was ever really here, more that he posts stuff here sometimes. But yes, I've not seen anything recently.


Tetranitrate is busy with school. I hear from him periodically.

Thanks, perhaps we shall see something from him again (here or elsewhere) L

I think I may have missed him altogether L

French Crawker kinda trickled off, the Ibles Robot got Tetranitrate, not sure about the other chaps.

It's a bit like falling asleep and waking up in the future isn't it?

Yes, but what do you mean ~~Flash Gordon approaching~~ by "Ibles Robot got Tetranitrate"? He was one of the best (although subjecting your flesh to a laser cutter was a bit... erm) L

Great video, shame about the tune. Have you seen Tetsuo? Warning: severely-strange Japanese B&W horror.


Was that just a trailer or was that the whole thing (very hard to follow). ?

That's one part of the film, which is as I said is severely-strange and not easy to follow anyway. I was reminded of it by the being chased by a non-human thingy L

yes, I saw the similarity in the chase, and yes it was definitely in the strange category

i guess Tetranitrate stopped interning.