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Where can I begin metalworking? Answered

Hi, I recently saw some awesome instructables but they all require some knowledge of metalworking. I was hoping if someone could help point me in the right direction to begin metalworking like if you know any good beginner books or articles could you tell me. Thanks for any help.
P.S: I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, sorry if I posted it in the wrong place.



8 years ago

Are there any iblers in your vague area?  I was let loose on a welder by a fellow ibler who invited me to play in his workshop for a weekend.

(Does this map still work?)


8 years ago

I don't know whether you mean metalworking as in melting your own with a forge or doing jewelry and such.

I think the best way to start is out is the basics and working small.  Then once you know the properties of metals and how it can be cut or polished, then you can work your way up.

Start out with a pair of tin snips(metal shears/snips), a metal file with handle, some emery cloth, and maybe a can opener.  Pliers and scratch awl would be nice.  Markers or grease pencil to make your marks and a tape measure or ruler.  Wire cutters and maybe a hammer too.

Go ahead and start cutting up soda cans or food cans.  Then practice.  Note that edges will be extremely sharp and you will want to file them down or sand the edges with emery paper(sandpaper that has fine grit for use on metal).  Practice bending, curving and making shapes with it.
If you want to fasten parts together learn about soldering or riveting.

You soon realize you can add more tools that will help you out.  No need to go get a dremel or disk grinder right off the bat.

Just start small and work your way up.  Good luck.


8 years ago

This is as good a place as any :-)

You can use Google to look for metal shops in your local area, and contact them for local student resources (they may even invite you to intern with them).

Check with your local community colleges and adult education programs (UC Davis has a really cool metalwork and blacksmithing series).