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Where can I buy? Answered

I want to get a pair of sunglasses that have a built in lcd screen(see through) so i can use my computer while I am walking or biking.


I just saw an instructable on see through LCD screens (see the related column on the right). With that you could make your own Heads Up Display for a wearable computer. Should come in allot cheaper than buying one. Keydogstony already gave an idea of what prices you are looking at but from what I recall they can go allot higher real fast.

If you are certain you want to buy try google with "head mounted display", "wearable display" or "heads up display" (although that last one will probably give you a bunch of car parts. Let me know if you find a good deal on one

I found a mini digital picture frame with a mini usb port on it. Can I somehow hook this to a computer and send the display to it to it?


I dont know, there have been plenty of questions about re-using lcd displays with and without controlers but electronics really aren't my thing so i am afraid i can't help.

Also, 128x128 pixels is not exactly high def..

As iceng says, despite what you see on films, having your field of view cluttered with distracting information is dangerous.

Since the US is considering legislation to make it an offence simply to wear earphones whilst walking, I'd give the idea a miss.

Not stupid, and very enforceable.

Not stupid because these kids that are riding around with their headphones on cannot hear a darn thing when they are riding on the street, they are not paying attention, and they are just asking to be hit.

Enforceable because if you are wearing headphones and a cop sees you, you get a ticket. A lot easier to enforce than speed limit and no texting.

Forget the idea, you are just asking to be hit. I'm not normally a mean person, but I laugh when I see someone get into an accident because they were texting or otherwise distracted.

Not a law yet, and set to be involved in retrospect (ie, if you're in an accident, and you were wearing headphones, you get done).

It's not the definition, just having stuff floating in your field of view is distracting.

it would just be one eye though. :P
P.S: interesting about the U.S and headphones.. :(

It's not just there - the UK are also concerned about the growing number of people seriously injured because they don't hear traffic, or see obstructions (such as when texters walk into posts).


6 years ago

Walking Yes...  Biking  NO
Speaking from experience
  • I had a suction Propeller on my forehead
  • I knew it would  lose vacuum and fall off
  • I was going to ride my bike to spin the propeller real fast
  • I set my mind to not grab for the toy when it fell off
  • IT FELL, I GRABBED, BLOOD All Over The Street
  • Ten Stitches later we discovered a massive hematoma where my thigh landed across the bike bar

Hope you have lots of spare cash. You're looking at $200 to $300 for one of these.


6 years ago

Check out http://www.gizmag.com I remember seeing some mentioned there. Use gizmag's site search box to locate the page.