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Where can I buy a reeeeeeally good electrical soldering iron / soldering kit in Manhattan for around $50? Answered

Where can I buy a reeeeeally good electrical soldering iron/soldering kit in Manhattan for around $50?


Thanks for the suggestions!!!
Have you used either of these? Any feed back?
Looks like really good deals. Appreciate it! : )
Have a good one!

Fails your "electrical" iron test. These are gas irons.

Good eyes have you.
I have two, one is in my travel kit.
Good for outside auto related connectors and wiring, but definitely Not PCB.


ebay or maybe craig's list. New? not a chance.

Really good has to mean temperature controlled for good soldering.

Thanks...good to know!
I decided to go with
Weller WLC100 40 Watts Soldering Station. $39.99 with $10 company rebate
: ) I'm happy!

Good < 50 USD << Really good

+1. You can get a more-than-adequate iron for well under $50, or a temperature controlled iron for well over $50.

We seniors have more then one kind of iron for different tasks.