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Where can I buy a sewing machine that works well but is not too expensive? Or does someone have one they could sell? Answered

So far, I have sewn all my projects by hand, but it takes so much time and the results aren't always what I want them to be... Could anyone help me find a nice sewing machine  that I could buy for less than 50 dollars?  Maybe a little more if I manage to get the money. It would especially be nice if it wasn't a new one, if anyone on Instructables has one they could sell, it would be great :) thanks you !



Best Answer 5 years ago

People purchase sewing machines all the time and NEVER USE THEM. These same people sell them for CHEAP on craigslist or they just throw them in the trash.... again check craigslist under "FREE" items. Why not take ADVANTAGE of their stupidity or laziness and keep your money! You don't need a fancy sewing machine unless you are needing some advanced features such as embroidery function or fancy stitches.... or sewing THICK vinyl for upholstery and need a "walking-foot" machine. Most machines that get thrown away just need to be OILED and the dust wiped off of them. My old MOTHER used to get machines for free and she would repair them as I described. She told me she did that and if she can do it, so can you! Why waste your money on a new machine unless you truly need a new machine?

If you want a decent machine you'll need to save up for it. Anything you can get for $50 isn't going to be decent.

Darn I forgot to mention a quote from Albert Einstein.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.

By your profile you could live next door to me or on the other side of the earth, it would help if you had your country and province or state.

I have one you could have I am just not going to pay to ship it to Timbucktu.