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Where can I buy corrugated platic sheets (Coroplast?) Answered

Hi. I recently was working on an art project and realized the material I desperately needed (after many others failed) was clear corrugated plastic sheeting. Apparently the main manufacturer is Coroplast. I looked around and only could find places selling large quantities. And I mean LARGE, more for structural projects than craft ones. I'm just trying to find a place where I could get a few sheet of clear 24" x 24" sheets. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


I always go to local sign shops & ask if they have any scrap pieces. Just be polite and most will give you what you want, or sell it to you cheap .

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I actually did some more hunting and found that a place called Harbor SalesHarbor Sales sells the stuff and will cut it to size for a minimal additional cost, which makes the shipping significantly less.

After a LONG web search earlier in the day, clear (translucent) is rare, for signmaking 20" x 30" is an available size except in clear, short of a 4' x 8' sheet you can't hardly find clear and then only in 15 to 25 sheet case sizes, truck shipment. And it's also called Stratocore.

If 20 x 30 will work, you can get a 10 pack easy enough. 24 x 24, nope. You could check as NachoMahma suggested, but "clear" apparently doesn't see use except as durable translucent windows for outdoor projects.

. A lot of political campaign yard signs are now made of similar stuff. You should be able to get some from sign printers in your area.