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Where can I buy glow in the dark rigid plastic sheet ? Answered

You know the stuff those glow in the dark stars are made from? Where in the uk can I buy a sheet of that maybe a4 size. Thanks!


He doesn't want the stars, he wants sheets of the material from which those stars are made.

Thanks Rick but as Kiteman says, I'm looking for the sheet material that the stars are made from - surprisingly difficult to find I just presumed I'd look on eBay an that would be that...

Thanks Rick - I'm really after rigid plastic sheet though I might be able to get away with vinyl/paper at a pinch

You could of course use florescent acrylic and edge light it with an LED and a 3 v coin cell.


2 years ago

In Reno I wento a Plexiglas sign manufacturer and ordered a sheet UV material.

Good idea, I'm going to give that a try after the weekend. Thanks

Use a 3D printer. Get some glow in the dark plastic filament and print the sheets to your desired thickness. Or of course, directly print whatever you intended on cutting the sheets for.

I've got this running through my mind...

How rigid is "rigid"? And how thick is a sheet?

What are you planning to use it for? (PM if it's a trade secret.)

Lightbulb moment - talk to people that supply emergency exit signs. I am sure I have seen versions that are glow-in-the-dark sheets with an opaque design laid over with stickers.

Or, at a pinch, maybe those stars are thermoplastic, and you can melt them down to make your own sheets?