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Where can I buy myself a steel drum Answered

I'm looking for a steel barrel/drum thing for a project I plan on doing. It's basically a pool heater, using an old car radiator and steel drum. But anyways... I have no idea where I can find one, where carries them or anything of the sort. I'm in central mass if that helps.


blah, that's 50 miles away. I don't have a truck, so I'm trying to keep it local so the rental fee isn't too high. Plus, I don't know where/how to dispose of 25 gallons of oil. I'll try some oil change places though. Thanks!

Sometimes places give them away for free. Try garages, oil change places or craigslist

. Look in the Yellow Pages for Chemicals. If they don't have what you need (might even be able to get a dented one for free), they should know who does.