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Where can I buy only the LED Xmas light bulbs to replace std.bulbs on our prewired tree? Answered



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My understanding is that the circuit in led strands is NOT cross-compatible with incandescent strands.

Thanks  You might be right, will check out before I proceed. I did give some thought, but felt since LED lights replace regular lights in sockets, should work.

 I have heard that you can run LEDs directly off the AC power line.  The bulbs are hooked up in series, in two strings of opposite polarity, one to take the positive part of the cycle and one the negative.  

Sorry I can't find more information, but I'm sure one of the other members can tell you.

I personally don't know of too many replacement bulbs for incandescent Christmas lights that are LED. I *think there are some for the larger incandescents, (I believe I've seen them at Home Depot) but to the best of my knowledge, not for the minis.

Check @ Home Depot, KMart, Target, and similar outlets in their Christmas display sections. They should be there with the other replacement bulbs, IFF they carry them and have them in stock

You want to make LED light by using just the wire from non-LED lights? It would be cheaper and easier to just buy a LED set. But if you want to have a go - look on the internet e.g. at farnell.com/
Read this:
Cut the plug / power supply off and replace with a new one.