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Where can I buy the CDT3460-02 IC? Answered

I need it for my TeaLeds. It's an IC chip with 3 legs (like a transistor), and it's function is to give a flicker light effect to a LED (to simulate a candle) and don't need programing.


Digikey Corporation? Mouser Electronics? Those are the two main online distributors...

I'm already try with them, but don't have it..... The chip is made in Hong Kong by "Chip Design Technology" and they don't sell it to the public, they give me some sites in Internet but all are full of oriental signs (can't read), still looking...

Get a translation? If they don't sell it to the public, then how do you plan on buying one? Why don't you take apart some cheap battery powered LED "candles" that they sell in the pharmacy and see if you can find something similar in them. If you don't find anything, then it sounds like an easy thing for a small PIC or Atmel microcontroller.