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Where can I buy the Knex ball machine balls? Answered

I have quite a lot of Knex 2 original roller coaster sets as well as a bunch from other older sets. I want to make a ball machine but I do not have the balls for it. Does anyone know where I could find/ buy these or any good substitutes for them?


You could buy some of the old ball machine sets from ebay or your local buy and sell, or you can just order the balls direct from knex.com. They're very cheap.

I got mine f4om electronic arcade



Go to knex.com, go to shop, go to miscellaneous, on the first page you can buy knex balls.

I got 5 ball machine balls from the Motorized madness ball machine. Be warned, it uses a ton of mini knex.

I would say either knex.com, or ebay. Those are the only one that sell balls individually I think.