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Where can I buy wax sheets? Answered

I live in Toronto, ON Canada and I can't seem to find a store that sells wax sheets for molding/casting purposes.



Best Answer 9 years ago

You have to look for a jewelry supplier. A craft store might have bee-keeper wax for rolling candles. On-line is another other option. So is finding a jeweler who is willing to sell some to you or direct you to a local supplier. You can make your own by using a tin can as a double boiler (wax NEVER comes out of cooking pots), putting some water in the can and some wax. Heat it up until the wax melts, then let it cool flat. You could do it with a baking dish if you need larger size sheets.

Thank you! With your help I was able to find the company Freeman Wax on the internet. The good news is they have a distributor right in Toronto: Gesswein Canada. Thanks again!

Dental technicians use wax in different thickneses, so check with dental and denture technicians suppliers.  Also, professional old school pattern makers use wax which is self adhesive on one side, so check out those guys and see if they have any supplier info for you.

Happy sticking!