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Where can I find 4 AWG wire? Answered

I got my microwave, and now I want to make a spot welder. Any recommendations for where to find 4 AWG wire, or something similar?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Any electrical supply house will have wire of almost any size you can imagine. Even Lowes and Home Depot will have wire up to 2/0, usually. Prfesser

. If you only need a couple of feet of it, you may be able to beg (or get at scrap Copper price) some at an electrical repair shop or a local industry.

Or a demolition site might let you have a couple feet of it, or a construction waste dump...

You probably want to buy a spool of welding wire. What you want depends on what you're planning to weld.

Welding wire is thin, and is designed to melt and flow into the weld. I need heavy 4 gauge wire to wrap around a microwave transformer. I found the Wall o' Wire at Home Depot today...Prfesser might get Best Answer on this.

Ah yes going to use it for the secondary.

He should :-) I thought you wanted the wire spool for the spot welder, rather than for the transformer...Never mind :-)