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Where can I find PVA glue for book binding?? Answered

I can't seem to find PVA glue or pre-waxed thread for book binding anywhere. Can someone tell me where I can find it on the internet or anywhere???



3 years ago

a comprehensive article on bookbinding glues here for anyone looking: http://www.ibookbinding.com/blog/bookbinding-gluing-tips-techniques-types-info/

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I got a nifty thread waxer (round of beeswax in a plastic case with guides for thread) at a sewing store.  Waxed thread is used in quilting so any store with quilting supplies might have this.

Others have answered the glue part satisfactorily. As for pre-waxed thread, you can pick it up from any leather working supplier (Tandy/LF, Weaver, etc). It's not hard to wax your own thread though. All you have to do is drag the thread across some beeswax several times, then pinch it in a piece of old denim and pull it through to work the wax in a bit.

It's very easy to find, I picked up 2 L at Wilkinson. Any sort of DIY store should have it - go shopping.


Regular Elmer's white glue will work just fine, unless you are looking for archival quality, PH-balanced, specially-for-bookbinding glue, in which case, you should look here.

WHITE wood glue is PVA.