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Where can I find a 1.5 horsepower motor for a project? Answered




Best Answer 9 years ago

gasonline? electric? sheep? What type of project, is speed or torque more important?

electric.... i need it for a wood lathe that im building. I found the wood lathe on here to i would say speed is more important considering the project

Then you want a 1.5hp AC motor - I really love the store 'princess auto' in canada - or any electric surplus store. Get a motor keyed for a pulley - one of those with multiple sizes so you can have multiple speeds while utilizing the motor at its proper rated power.

How many sheep in 1.5 horsepower? I know a shetland is 2/3 hp... AC or DC, house current or battery, rpm, variable or fixed speed...cost...

Well, depends how you use the sheep. Is it sheep with parachutes? (potential energy), then you need height, weight(mass) and gravity, then solve for number of sheep needed to be dropped per minute to get horsepower. Uhhhh... You could burn the sheep, and get the energy into a boiler. Again, convert to horsepower. You could have the sheep 'baaaa' at the tops of their lungs for years to boil a cup of water (per the analogy) You could....I really dont know now.