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Where can I find a CO2 sensor that will allow me to measure the concentration in a small space? Answered

I'm doing an experiment where I'll be burning a candle in a closed box, and measuring the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the air. I need to be able to record a value for the concentration of the CO2. What's the best way



7 years ago

come to http://www.tongdy.com/english/product.asp, you will find various CO2 sensors that you need to measure the concentration of CO2 in a specific space. If you want more information, contact me by emailing to alex@tongdy.com at any time. Welcome!

Click on the "Datasheet", but it's not go the right range, and it'll read CO too. See other comments below. (No easy answers) L

How/ what do I hook that sensor up to in order to get a reading?

Do you know what concentration you expect? Look for "CO2 sniffer" in Google, and one of the sponsored hits is to a company that sells portable (personal safety) montors that go down to 5 per mil (5000 ppm). They've also got analyzers (static samples, not continuous monitoring) up to 60%. You will find lots of other good hits, so you can evaluate price/performance/company-relability yourself.

Ah no that's no good, only goes up to 10,000ppm. Using an infra-red absorption technique might be better, but you've got other problems there... L