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Where can I find a Glass Encapsulated Digital Thermometer Probe? Answered

I have been searching for a glass encased digital temperature probe. Thus far I haven't been able to locate one. Can any one suggest an online site to search for one?


Sorry for not replying for almost 2 weeks. Work happened. I was able to locate a glass sheethed temperature probe on a site called J-Kem.com. apparently I was looking for the wrong thing. I was thinking the probe would be bonded to the glass. This isn't possible due to the differences in thermal expansion the two different materials undergo when heated or cooled.

Thanks for the replys on my question though.

They don't exist. The glass would insulate the sensor from getting a proper reading.

Why does it need to be covered in glass?

I need (want) one encased in glass to measure hot acidic solutions. I know I could just use a glass thermometer commonly found in most laboratory's.

A glass encapsulated probe that I could use with my digital thermometer would just be nice for readability, plus convenient.

A Hastelloy C-22 metal sheath is also acid-proof*

*depending on the acid.

Ah, so you don't want a digital SENSOR. What kind of digital thermometer have you got ?

Google candy thermometer there are digital and chemical encapsulated thermometers depending on the temperature and use.

Or look up glass encapsulated thermistor and make one.


You can get glass covered thermistors, but I haven't seen any digital ones.