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Where can I find a PIC microcontroller, in electrical appliances or else? Answered

I thought It'll be better if I could get a PIC micro controller from an Electronic appliance. I need one to make an LED Cube for my project, I need minimum 10 and it'll cost me more than I'll have to sell them for.
I think I'll find one in an old radio or something . . . . . 

So could someone please tell me: Where I could find a PIC microcontroller, from any device?



Best Answer 6 years ago

I don't think you will be able to find any PIC microcontrollers in any device and if by any chance the are inside you will not know it as the name of the chip is mostly erased.So better buy one it is quiet cheap on ebay.Also the PIC16F84A are quiet cheap and efficient and can the serve the purpose of a LED cube

Are you sure you need TEN microcontrollers to run ONE cube?

Are you maybe thinking of some other component?

This ^

I think you need one PIC and some shift registers. You may be better off getting a processor with the arduino bootloader burned on it. I believe arduino makes shift registers super easy.

if low powered in calculators. Make sure you check out pic instructables if you haven't. All data sheets can give you curcuit diagraphs.