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Where can I find a loose leaf spring? Answered

I am interested in making knives, and the only place I can think of finding leaf springs is in a salvage yard still intact. Can anyone tell me other places to find them?


Depending on where you live, automotive salvage yards are probably the best resource. You might also be able to obtain steel from a local spring shop. One more place you might find a supply would be in rural areas. Many farms have a junk lot with old vehicles and trailers. You might obtain permission to salvage some steel from them. Leaf springs are mostly made from 5150 steel, which will produce a good blade after normalizing the steel and then retreating it appropriately. I make my knives mostly from O1 tool steel. You can get it from any one of several knife maker supply stores or from Fastenal @ www.fastenal.com

It sounds about right. Fastenal has the same size stock for around $46. Unless you are building a huge blade, or one with a radical curve, 2-1/2" steel is a little wide. You'll end up with a lot of waste. I don't normally use anything wider than 2" unless I have a special purpose. You can also check with Texas Knife Maker Supply or Jantz Supply for steel. If you want to buy some more exotic steels or buy in bulk check with Crucible Steel. They produce some exceptional alloys.

forging can reduce a lot of the waste that you are describing as long as you have a cheap fuel source (i personally use wood because it is free altho it can take time for the fire to burn down to a good bed of coals and there is a lot of ash)


7 years ago

Salvage yard is probably the cheapest, but if you are in the city and thats not an option, consider looking in your local yellow pages for a mechanics garage that specializes in suspension repairs.

They'll be able to sell you a brand new spring leaf, or even better you can probably salvage a used one from their garbage/recycling container for free.

33 dollars for a piece that big sounds outrageous, pro-rata - I'd expect to pay that for a 10 foot length here.

What's wrong with the salvage yard? The spring isn't difficult or dangerous to remove.

Salvage as older car or van springs. A high carbon steel would be available from a steel stockiest and need tempering.

Look for a MONOLEAF spring. It is one single spring instead of a stack of different length springs. These were normally used on low end small cars in the sixties. Many times you can find a car with a broken spring in a junkyard.


Salvage yard is the simplest place. You can BUY spring steel, like EN4 from a decent metal store

You can probably get one on ebay.

Your local welding shop can probably supply you with one.