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Where can I find a replacement potentiometer for the MakerShield? Answered

One day I brought my Arduino with the MakerShield to show it to some of my more "electronically-apt" friends. However, my other friends took it, (somehow) thought it was a BopIt, and started screwing around with it. Before I could do anything about it, they ripped off the potentiometer. I was wondering where I could find a replacement potentiometer.


Looking at the circuit, I'd use a 4k7 pot. I reckon, being blue, its a Bourne part.


I you still have the potentiometer, you can determine the value by reading the markings on the part or by measuring it. (I'm assuming the pot was not so badly damaged that it can't be measured)

Once you know the value, I'd check out Digikey to find a replacement. The pin arrangement in the picture is a common one. Check out the datasheets for any potential candidates you find on Digikey to verify that it will fit in place of the old one before you order.

Sadly, I had to throw out the potentiometer because the leads were torn off completely and the knob was stuck really bad. But thanks for the help anyway.


What was the function of the potentiometer? Depending on the type of circuit it is used in on the board, it may not be critical to have exactly the same value.

For example, if it is connected between VCC and ground and used to provide a variable analog voltage input directly to the processor to provide a user control , it may be possible to use a different value and the function would be largely unaffected.

You may have done this already, but another suggestion would be to see if there are any sites or forums specifically for this Arduino or shield, and someone there could check the value on their board.

+1 And not to slam Digikey, I love Digikey and have been a fan since the 1980s, But... Mouser is a very good source if you don't want to run smack into Digikey's minimum purchase value, which, unless it has been changed, is somewhere around $25...Last time I checked, Mouser has not practical spending hurdle for purchase. (Maybe a dollar or two...but a trimmer pot will cost you a couple of dollars anyway)