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Where can I find a scale that I can read the weight with the computer? Answered

I need a scale that can connect to my computer and send data to the computer, it does not need to be able to measure more than 250g, but it should have .1g increments. 


Ok, let me try this again (I can't sleep)... I found a company that sells scales at different specs (and prices), such as this one that reads at 0.01 grams up to 210 grams; however you have to pay separately for the "optional USB Interface and cable" which will then allow you to connect the scale to your PC. There are many other options, but this one seems like the best price within your specs.

(I hope that helps. Sorry for mis-reading your question the first time around). ;-)

Did you even try doing a Google search? I typed "USB scale" and got a full page of results in less than one second. You can get USB-enabled digital scales with mg resolution if you're willing to throw money at them. If you don't want to spend money, you're not going to get the resolution you want.

Yes I have looked on google, what I am finding on google are postage scales, which do not quite have the accuracy that I need.

I do not need mg resolution, I would even be fine with 1g resolution, but after several google searches I have not found what I want.

Really? Are you using www.google.com, or a different (national) Google site? Did you see this item:


It's got 0.1 g precision with 500 g capacity, and it's a mouse, too.

Yeah, I have seen those, unfortunately they do not communicate the scale reading with the computer, it is just a mouse, and the scale is separate with a display.
So that is not really what I am looking for. Thanks though.

Ah. Now that's pretty dumb :-( I think you're going to need to go to a good digital scale company like Ohaus and lay down some cash. Good luck!

There are MANY bathroom scales with USB connectivity (and many come with additional software to track your progress on your computer).

Look at this scale from Amazon.com - There are also other options. :-)

The scale to which you liked doesn't have the resolution the OP wants (it specifies 0.2 lb == 91 g resolution, three orders of magnitude too large :-). However, typing "USB scale" into Google ought to give the user sufficient information to move forward.

I had seen that, but I assumed the OP wanting ".1g" was also a little unrealistic for a bathroom scale (that's 0.00022 lbs); even 1 gram increments are really low.

Yeah, but the OP also specified a maximum 250 g capacity. A good electronic scale (from Ohaus, for $200+) can handle a couple of hundred grams with at least milligram precision.

When I was working on BaBar, we had a pair of electronic scales to monitor the gas cylinders used to feed the drift chamber. I think we paid about $1000 each, and they provided 1 g precision with a maximum load of 100 kg.

What was the accuracy of these 100kg scales?


Experimentally, we found that they stayed accurate to within 2 g, provided we re-tared them each time we changed cylinders. We bought the high precision because we also needed explosion-proof and outdoor construction (the BaBar drift chamber used a mix of helium and isobutane). I think (but don't know for sure), that the standard lab version of these 100kg x 1g was about $500 back in 2004.

You are correct. (Reading questions quickly isn't always the best method). I read weight + scale and thought "bathroom scale".... and misread the 250 g as 250 lbs... oops.

Perhaps the OP will realize that a simple Google search for a USB Scale will yield enough results - and give you the best answer...

(Time for bed). :(