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Where can I find a wind up mechanism? Answered

I need a winding mechanism for a project. This would be small toy sized. It would be optimal if it were multidirectional winding. Either way winds like a watch. Not a lot of torque so that small hands can wind it, but not as small as a watch winding mechanism or as complex. I would like to add gears to change the speed of the output or torque as needed. Or if anyone knows where a sawing type input such as a worm gear winding. Both of these would be super helpful. I can tear apart winding toys of course. In an information gathering stage right now. 



5 years ago

I make machines out of Lego see a video ....  here .... runs on 9DC both ways.


Jack A Lopez

5 years ago

I think the mechanism in a mechanical-style kitchen timer will satisfy some of your requirements. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&q=mechanical+kitchen+timer

Its mainspring will store a moderate amount of energy, and the also the gears are large enough to see, and work with.  

The main drawback is the torque needed to wind it. Typical kitchen timer winds in less than one revolution, e.g. 1/4 circle for 1/4 hour, 1/2 circle for 1/2 hour.  So it is a little stiff.  But if you are prepared to add more gears, maybe you could come with some mechanical advantage, i.e. some way to wind it in several revolutions, with proportionally less torque.

I remember one time I found some wind up toys at one of those dollar stores, 
but that was a few years ago so I think the value of the USD, and also quality of the toys, may have declined since then.

caltman2Jack A Lopez

Answer 5 years ago

Thank you. That is a viable and high availability item. Makes me think a little more on over winding now too. I will have to break one open and look at it. There is an abundance of wind up toys online I am finding. I cant look at their action and see if it is what I need.