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Where can I find cardboard tubes? Answered

I want to make a chair out of cardboard tubes for under my loft bed, but I'm not sure where to find the tubes at. I'd like to get tubes at least 2-3" wide, up to maybe 4".
Any help is appreciated!!


Hello, I need a cardboard tube for a telescope I am making. I must have 8" diameter and 4 feet long. Thanks

You may or may not be still looking (I know how often my projects get put on hold), but look up concrete tube form. They come in 8" and 12" sizes, though the actual diameters are slightly less (like 7.5" instead of 8").

You might also consider doing a "truss-tube" design like a lot of dobsonians.

I went to my local movie theater and asked them to save me some of the tubes that the large poster come in. You can see if there are any paper companies or large printers that use reams of paper, of fabric store have the fabric drapery and upholstery come off of. If that doesn't work, Menard's and places like that have heat duct pieces that are 5' and come in different diameters, but theirs aluminum. You could easily cover them in paper to match your other pieces. I've been looking for the same things for a MegaBeth cosplay I'm doing.

I have 500 pcs. 1-1/2" dia. x 4 ft. long Cardboard tubing. please call: 408-464-5712

Construction offices often have blueprint paper rolls which are 3-4 feet long and 2-3 inches across.

If carpet stores won't give you their old tubes for free, try sewing stores. Their material comes on all different sized tubes, and I think they throw them out when they have finished with them.

Awesome! Thanks everyone!!


7 years ago

Free from carpet stores is probably your best bet... as Re-design says. If you want something with a smaller diameter, drapery fabric (at fabric and home decor stores) comes on heavy weight cardboard rolls. They may have some available free. You could always call and ask.

You can buy them as mailing tubes.

Or go to a carpet store.  Sometimes carpet is rolled on 4" cardboard tubes.

I would prefer to spend little to no money, but thanks for the carpet store idea.

there is alwase the option of buying something long and strait(like a staff) taking the cardboard tube and sell the staff in bubble rap.

Or you could make your own somehow.