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Where can I find cheap/free fan blades for my hovercraft? Answered

I have lots of motors; I am just looking for 10-20" fans for my r/c hovercraft. Metal would be preferable, but plastic should be ok (I'll be operating them at around 3,000 rpm). I don't need the expensive high-efficiency low noise blades they sell for hundreds of dollars, just something cheap to lift my 4x2' hovercraft. If anyone knows where I can find some, I would be very appreciative.


maybe at a surplus store of some kind, or look around in the trash piles, they always have good stuff.

Hmm, maybe try scrapyards? They might have old duct work fans from demolished buildings. Or maybe could you use the blades out of the electric box fans? Like the big shop ones? You could probably find those on Craigslist or maybe at garage sales.