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Where can I find colored styrofoam? Answered

I'm trying to make my own plastic using acetone and styrofoam; however I would like to create colors other than white.  Is there anywhere I can find black styrofoam, or any other color besides white?  Also, if anyone knows a method for creating colored plastic using the traditional white styrofoam, and some other ingredient(s) that would be great as well.

Edit:  Meat trays/plates come in colored varieties; where can I find these?


lots of disposable plasticware is also Polystyrene, just not expanded. go to the party supply section of the store and buy red solo cups or blue plastic plates.. or whatever color you want, and add a few plates or cups to your goop. ive got a bit of a instructable about doing a variety of things with melting styrofoam, i eventually found i like D-limonine better than acetone, but im working with the goop to cast it right now.

I doubt other than specilist suppliers you will find much coloured Styrofoam.

you can get pink and blue insulation foam.

If you want to make plastic - add Borax to White PVA glue - about a tea spoonfull to half a glass of PVA will do stir and pour into a mould - It will harden.

Rickharris. I don't think Iv'e commented on you for some time, hello again. I had no idea about this "plastic" idea. Can't wait to try it with drops of colour to see what it's like. If anyone has used it and can show us a picture , that would be great.


7 years ago

I have some big sheets used for insulation that are green and I have also seen them in red/pink. So those are at the lumber yard.

When you dissolve Styrofoam in gasoline you get Napalm.