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Where can I find convex lenses with a focal length of Answered


I'm searching for a convex lens for focussing the beam of my laser. The focal length should be smaller than 1cm.
I've searched in cd/dvd readers/burners but those lenses are never good enough because either the focal length or the size of the lens isn't good.

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Cheap dollar store "microscopes" or "telescopes" often sold as toys

I know this is kind of an old question but I have been tearing apart old scanners for the stepper motors, lamp, rod and bushings. I also take off the motor driver chips, etc. I haven't been able to figure out what to do with the lenses until tonight. I was searching here to find out info about collamating (sp?) lenses and thought I'd look in my drawer full of scanner lenses (literally) almost all fo them are very similar in construction. Scrape off the glue and unscrew the insert and three lenses drop out. I believe one is (, one is shaped like )(, and I believe the last one is |). Sorry for the improv with the punctuations.... Anyway I am going to play with them in different combos. They are all glass so far, seem to be of nice quality and they are all the right size. Plus if im carefully creative I believe I can make use of the housings.
Anyways, interested in anyones thoughts.
My first "anserable" so be nice.


7 years ago

I used a glass marble once.

Maybe ? For sure they have short focal length lenses.

Ah. Can't help, then.

Edmund Scientific, back when they still handled surplus goods, used to be *the* source for educational/experimenter lenses. Unfortunately someone bought the name, may years ago, and they became a tech-toy store rather than a maker store. The optical business forked off as Edmund Optics; I don't know whether EO still has a cheap line.

A cutting laser ? or a visible one ?
Cutting lasers will need ZnSe lenses