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Where can I find cool flash drives for cheap online? Answered

I want to get my mom a flash drive that is at least 4gb and Very least 2gb and want one that is cool looking or unique. Thanks! If i can't find one i like, I'll make one myself.

The reason I want one online is because I can ship it straight to her.



6 years ago

I usually buy them at amazon.com and this website http://www.coolusbdrives.net gives me a great insight on cool flash drives mindblowing concepts that are popular now


7 years ago

Get the flash drive online. Need to find the wholesale store with cheaper price.
I have tried echinawallet many times. They always send my gadget on the following day, so i can get them quickly. Maybe you can have a try.

hi there, if you want... you can also check out chinabuye. that's where i usually place my orders, they have cheap stuff there,with free shipping and a 1 year warranty. they also use paypal so it is safe.


8 years ago

Cheap, try  dealextreme.com
Cool, I dunno, but I'd buy a cheap one and make a cool case for it.

The cheapest you'll get flash drives is if you buy them in bulk, but I'm suspecting that that's not what you're wanting.  Used is always cheaper...
But flash drives can be generally pretty cheap.  It's basically the design you're going to be paying for.