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Where can I find instructions for the K'nex Stepper Lift from Knex set 32049? Answered

I know this has been asked before, but the link to the instructions for the K'nex Stepper Lift in Shadowman39's guide doesn't work on my computer. I really need a more complete picture of how it works. I remember that I built it once from an obscure instructable, but I can't remember which one it was (besides, that instructable was incomplete, anyway). If someone knows where to find the instructions aside from knexinnovation.net, PLEASE let me know (or mail the file to my instructables inbox...or something!)
P.S.: If the instructions are not available, I'll just have to do my best at recreating it from the few pictures I have seen...and then maybe make a proper instructable to document it!


Once I've seen instructions, I used them to build the stepper lift in my ball machine Dragonfire. Sorry, I really don't know anymore wich site is was. I just searched about half an hour, but I just can't find it anymore.
When I've found them I will send a link immediately, off course.

Thanks for trying. :-) Yeah, I searched all over as well but found nothing...I simply had to look VERY carefully at the photos of I_am_Canadian's ball machine (Twister). I managed to make a decently close reproduction, and what I couldn't see very well was tinkered with until I found something to serve the same function. Once I'm done with my current ball machine, I'll make a proper Instructable for this lift. That way, no one will ever have to scour the Internet for the stepper lift again! >:-D

Yea, check Shadowman39's guide. He fixed the link now by replacing it with a new one! The Stepper Lift is now accessible to all! :-D

you're most certainly welcome! :D