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Where can I find out if a limited range, electronic jammer is legel in my area? Answered

A neighbor of mine is using some sort of electronic device to eavesdrop on me. And, to harrass me to the point of militery style torture. I have been unable to gain law enforcement support.


for cell phone signals, I would checkout the yapper zapper phone jammer

Please explain in detail exactly what the neighbor is doing. I and others likely have counter-surveilance tips to help. However, as it is right now it's actually hard to believe, because you haven't quite told us HOW your neighbor is surveiling you. Is he listening to your phone calls? Is he watching your internet / skype conversations? Is he looking in your window through a telescope? Is he hearing conversations that you have in the privacy of your home? DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS! At this moment, you're looking to break some laws. If you explain what the problem is exactly, we can give you a solution that doesn't involve law-breaking.


listening in phone calls = make random calls to known telemarketer numbers, then use a tone generator to send the highest possible ear-destroying triangle tones at unbelievable decibels - randomly :D Same with skype.

if they're using a telescope, a VERY VERY BRIGHT LIGHT used intermittently comes to mind.

How do you know your neighbor is listening to your phone calls or watching you with a telescope, though? Is it just this one person doing it, or many people?

You have to assess what they seem to know. Take for example, you have a bedroom is on the opposite side of the house from your neighbor and that room has no windows. If your neighbor tells you how many holes are in your underwear while you dress in the morning, then he probably has a camera installed. Same goes for a telephone call. If your neighbor seems to know what YOU are saying during phone calls, but makes no mention of what the other party is saying, then he may be listening through a wall or with an audio device in your home. If he seems to know details about both sides of your telephone convserations, then he is tapping into your phone somehow.

Your best solution is to write a paper letter to your neighbor and work things out. (Get a notarized copy if you think this may end up as evidence in court.) There is no technological fix that cannot be overcome, but personal problems can be resolved.

I suppose in the short term you could use pink noise masking, if it makes you feel better. Open "pink.exe" from the "release" folder of this. But remember that this does not fix the real problem: that you are unhappy with your neighbor's behavior.

It is n-e-v-e-r a good a idea to contact a stalker of this caliber. I will look into the pink noise suggestion.

I think getting on good terms with your neighbor is a good way to avoid any stalker-like behaviors. Anyway, please reply to Frollard where he asked, "How are you aware of their eavesdropping?" Could you also answer this as a reply to his question: Have previous neighbors or people at your work or other businesses been harassing you too?

How are you aware of their eavesdropping?

then gain a good amplifier and speakers and your own music did talking to him help ? a jammer will work effectively only on radio / antenna tv. if he is playing his stuff from CDs etc you have to resort to emp and thats gonna be challenge

I am not interested in esculating a bad situation. I simply wish to protect my right to privacy and quite.

why ? does he do that how ? does he do that with the answers we can advance in the direction of blocking him too (but its better to protect your rights with law and not technology - read what others write)

The simple answer is that it's never legal. The FCC takes a very dim view of anyone deliberately messing up the airwaves. You may be able to get away with it briefly, but the moment anyone complains it becomes your responsibility to comply with the law or face appropriate fines.

I do not wish to infrige on others rights. I simply wish to protect my right to privacy and quite.

Are you sure you are actually being bugged, or could your neighbour be listening through the wall?

If they have planted an actual listening device on your property - including embedded in the wall between your properties - then they will have at least invaded your privacy to the point where you can pursue a civil case for compensation, probably even a criminal offence. However, you must have actual evidence - you have found a listening device on your property, or your neighbour must have commented or acted upon something you have said in a situation where they could not reasonably have overheard you (and they must have made the comment or performed the action in front of a witness).

Without the evidence, you are on a losing streak. If you think they are listening in with microphones, then audio interference is the route to take - loud music, "ambient" noise (whale song etc) or "white" noise, like running water or radio static.

However, you then run the risk of "causing nuisance" to other neighbours, which would get you in trouble with the authorities.

If you think he is listening in electronically, then you have problems, as radio jammers are almost universally illegal, except in the hands of the military or law enforcement.

If you are convinced your neighbour is actively listening in to your life in any way, and is deliberately causing you distress as a result, but are unfortunate enough to have no evidence, then you may instead find it useful to approach a lawyer of some description and ask them to draft a letter (on the lawyer's own headed paper) saying, in suitably-intimidating lawyer-speak, I know what you are doing, back off or else.