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Where can I find "easy" instructions to make a solar heater for my above ground pool? Answered



I had a small pool when my kids were little and used bubble wrap,I taped it together making it the size of the pool and laid it on top it worked great the pool was not that big but the water temp. increased 20 degrees

besides the motor, if you have an Air Conditioned house, the condenser on it would be a great source of heat too... I know it may seem crazy to some to need a heated pool with AC in a house, but pool temps can stay cold after a cool night a lot longer than a house.

deadly easy instructions. We had one for a LONG time - and they're extremely powerful (1000 watts/sq meter, minus losses)

Simple version - Get LOTS of tubing. Copper painted black, or black plastic. Loop as much as it takes to cover a large portion of your roof. Splay the loops out so they overlap the least possible. Step 2: Pump water thru it.

More effective (but more cost) version: Build plywood boxes, just taller than your tubing. Put the tubing 'coils' in the box, paint the interior of the box matte black, and cover the box with a glass/plexiglass lid. Step 2: Pump water thru it.

More effective yet verision: Use the more effective version above, but insulate the box on the non-glass sides.

Odds are your pool already has a circulation pump. Siphon action will mean theres no gravity 'drag' from your system, but you will fight with higher line friction. Make a cooler for the pump with a coil of copper tube wrapped around the pump, with the cold in-water from the pool, thus using the heat from the pump too. There are hot-tubs that ONLY use the heat from the motor. This is a huge amount of heat, and it often goes into the atmosphere with outdoor pumps, or contributes to your house AC bill (indoor pumps). Having a heat collector on your roof keeps your house cooler as well.

. Would thermal siphon work with an above-ground pool?

My understanding for a thermal siphon you need the head source at the 'bottom'...could be interesting.

. I didn't word my question very well.
. Since there is only a little difference in elevation, would thermo-siphon move enough water/heat to do any good? The collector could be set at ground level (or slightly below if you wanted to get carried away). Would 1-2 feet of difference be enough? Enquiring minds want to know. heehee
. PS: I really like the idea of getting heat from the motor. "Free" heat, plus it should extend the life of the motor slightly.

Actually, according to that site I linked on solar basics, a siphon system uses huge pipes to reduce drag, and STILL requires ~20-30cm between the bottom of the tank and the top of the collector array to be remotely eff(ective/icient)

. Thanks. I scanned over the page and must have missed that part.

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