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Where can I find wheels for motors? Answered

I am looking for wheels for the little electric motors. This kind of size: http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/motor3.jpg (picture shown below).

I want to know where I can get them - I live in England, and would prefer to use the internet. I have tried ebay, but none of the search terms I came up with brought up any appropriate results.




Best Answer 7 years ago

Make your wheels - One interesting design I have seen, but not tried, was to fill the lids of 35mm film cannister lids with two-part epoxy, and push onto the axle as it sets. Grip was provided by a wide elastic band, trimmed and glued around the lid as a solid tyre.

You could also cut discs out of any handy, reasonably-thick material, such as plywood or thick plastic.

What is this "35mm film" of which you speak ?

I'm not sure what it is, but the fossilised remains can be found under many Boots counters.

(Somebody, somewhere is still using it, but I don't know who!)


Those little motors are difficult to attach anything over tiny wheels to because of the small diameter and shinyness of the shaft. 
For a project I made some time ago I used a piece of heat-shrink tubing to increase the shaft diameter a touch and fitted wheels off a little Lego car (pocket racers?).   If you're 13, you'll most likely have a box-full of toy cars around somewhere.   I raid my sons' toy collections regularly for project parts.
(You'll have to run these tilted at an angle as their diameter is less than the motor diameter.)

If you're looking at building any sort of robot, have a look at Active Robots.  They have a good selection of more serious motors and matching wheels.

Just look for a local model shop.
Where are you roughly in the UK ?