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Where can I find white plastic sheeting? Answered

Black or clear will not work, and that's all I can seem to come up with on google. White and black on opposite sides could work, but I can't find the size I need. Speaking of size, I need it to be 16 to 20 feet wide (and similar length, but rolls could be longer); most seem to be 100' for sizes that wide. One other requirement- reinforced sheeting will not work, I will need it to have a smooth surface when I'm done. Thickness matters less, but obviously the thicker the more expensive and I think 4 mL would work fine. What's it for you ask? Sorry, but it's a secret, at least for now.


Try "vinyl sheet" instead of "plastic sheet".

You'll have a real hard time finding vinyl wider than 48 or 60 inch wide - but it would work...just need to seam several together.

I didn't actually say this, but I'm looking for something without seams, which is why I need it to be as wide as I specified.

...and properly connected vinyl sheet is almost indistinguishable when its welded chemically.

did you check out my other link?